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Unlock the secrets of Complete Media Confidence

Our online media training course has been designed and constructed byTom Maddocks, who used to be a reporter on BBC Televisions for several years, as well as having worked on Channel Four and in local radio, is recognised as one of the UK's leading media training experts. As a coach and trainer, he has helped 

Larger businesses tend to put their company spokespeople through rigorous media coaching or media training courses to help them deal with difficult questions and get the most out of any opportunity. However, small-business owners are missing out on the chance to raise their own media profiles because the cost of a professional media trainer can be financially out of reach forstart-ups and small business. If you want to:

  Understand how to get coverage in the press, radio and television
    to raise your brand profile and build your business, even if yours is a smaller company
 Learn how to deal with tricky questions from journalists
 Discover the ‘media mindset’ so you know what will catch reporters’
   attention—the essential do’s and don’ts?
 Get your message across without being misquoted.

Complete Media Confidence is an online four-module video course presented by Tom Maddocks 
At a fraction of the cost of a conventional media training course , you will discover :
 What journalists are looking for - in print , on radio , TV and online  
 How to get your message across in any interview
 What works and doesn't work on radio and TV -using demonstration
 How to deal with difficult questions 

The Media Training Modules

Four online video modules 

MODULE 1: What journalists want—including: the media environment, why engage with the media, the journalistic mindset, what is News, and how can you supply it?

MODULE 2: How to prepare—including: confidence, clarity and control, pro-active and reactive media handling, our exclusive 3-stage preparation process, The EQUALS formula for coming up with a good ‘quote’, avoiding jargon.

MODULE 3: TV interviews—including: the process of getting you on the air, roleplay interviews to show you what works and what doesn’t, creating soundbites, what to wear, avoiding interview traps.

MODULE 4: Press, radio and online interviews—including: the questions to ask beforehand, vocal delivery tips, adapting your style, taking control in a print interview, on & off the record, ‘no comment’.

Plus Bonus video module :  ‘Use the Media to Build your Business’—including: top 10 ways to create a ‘news hook’, getting the word out there, should you hire a PR, creating a press release, meeting journalists, using specialist and social media to get the message across. (Available separately at £49.00.)

Pricing Table

Personal Edition
  • Four online video modules
  • Plus BONUS video module: ‘Use the Media to Build Your Business’

Access* to each video module for a period of up to 12 months.

£225.00 ex VAT.

Multi-user Edition

(Up to five users)

  • Four online video modules
  • Plus BONUS video module: ‘Use the Media to Build Your Business’

Access* to each video module for a period of up to 12 months.

£395.00 ex VAT.

To purchase your course please click here and we will be in contact to arrange payment and send you your log in deatils.

Click here if you would like more details on our online media training course.

Use the Media to Build your Business

Presented by former BBC TV and radio reporter Tom Maddocks, this unique online video will show you the media opportunities that you can harness.

 How to discover the news ‘hooks’ in your business that will interest journalists
 How to create a great press release, or choose the right PR to do it for you
 Key do’s and don’ts when meeting journalists or putting on a media event.   
 Use the Media to Build Your Business video is available separately, or is included as a
    FREE bonus module when you purchase the Complete Media Confidence course.


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